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How We Are Compensated

Although the most critical factor in selecting a financial advisor is the comfort level you have with them, it is also very important to make sure all of your dollars count. Helmsman Financial Group, LLC (HFG) is a fee-only investment adviser, whereby we are compensated only for work performed and not by commissions. This eliminates any potential conflicts of interest when recommending products.

Depending on the services we perform for you, our compensation will either be based on a percentage of assets, in the case of ongoing portfolio management, or a fixed fee in the case of defined contract work such as portfolio development (work where there are defined start and end points). Either way, HFG receives no commissions on the products we recommend so you will always know what your costs are going to be before any work is done. Although there is no such thing as a free lunch, HFG is committed to performing a valuable service for a reasonable cost.