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The HFG Approach To Investing

Helmsman Financial Group, LLC (HFG) believes that reaching a financial goal is a team effort between the financial professional and the client. We feel that the clients who find our services the most beneficial are those that take a long term approach to achieving their financial goals versus a get rich quick approach.

The steps listed below layout our approach to investing.

Analyze Your Situation and Define Objectives

Just as with most things in life, one size does not fit all when it comes to achieving financial goals. HFG will analyze your specific situation to determine what your financial objectives should be to reach your personal financial goals. These financial objectives will then be developed and quantified using what we consider reasonable long term rates of return versus “pie in the sky” figures, resulting in a more realistic picture of what you will need to accomplish to achieve your goal.

Develop the Portfolio Plan Designed to Achieve the Objectives

Once your financial objectives have been clarified, HFG will develop a portfolio plan to help you achieve that objective. The primary element of this plan is the proper asset allocation to fit your objective. HFG does not feel that a plan should be viewed simply as a way to get the highest return possible but, rather, to achieve your goal with an acceptable risk level that fits your own specific risk tolerance.Back to Top

Select the Investments

Now that you have the portfolio plan, it is necessary to implement it with actual investments. HFG fleshes out the portfolio using a combination of no-load mutual funds and ETFs as well as, in the case of our Portfolio Administrator Service (PAS) and Financial Stewardship Program (FSP) clients, individual bonds and stocks based on your specific objective and risk tolerance.Back to Top

Monitor and Manage the Portfolio

In this world, where volatility in the markets is the norm and there is what sometimes seems like an endless supply of global news impacting the markets, continuous monitoring and management of your portfolio is critical. If you do not have the time or desire to perform this function yourself, you should work with a professional who does. HFG continuously monitors our client positions and portfolio changes are made, or at least recommended in the case of our PAS clients, when warranted.Back to Top


As previously mentioned, HFG believes that reaching financial goals is a team effort. A major part of the process is client education. HFG believes that the more a client understands about their portfolio and the process we are taking to manage it, the more comfortable the client will be and a comfortable client is a happy client. In working with us, this strong belief in education will become very apparent, not only in reporting of the results, but also through detailed explanation on how the investments work and what their purpose is within the portfolio. We will always be just a phone call or face-to-face appointment away to explain any aspect of your situation.Back to Top

Strategy for Developing Portfolios

With the exception of our Fund Investment Program (FIP), which only utilizes no-load mutual funds and ETFs, HFG uses a combination of no-load mutual funds, ETFs, and individual securities to develop each portfolio. Such a portfolio is developed in such a way that the pieces are a complimentary mosaic and not just a hodge podge of the current hottest products. The graphic below outlines the process.

We start with a strong foundation providing a comprehensive exposure to the markets and built through the use of stock index or broad-based funds and ETFs, fixed income investments (bonds) and cash.
We then add a layer of supporting player investments consisting of more focused mutual funds and ETFs, focused on small or mid-size companies or sector funds.
The Pyramid is then capped by a universe of carefully selected individual stocks. These selections fill in the "gaps" of the portfolio.
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