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Retirement Planning Service


The purpose of Helmsman Financial Group LLC’s (HFG) Retirement Planning Service is two-fold: the first is to give you a much clearer picture of your ability to retire as you hope to and the second is to develop a plan to help you accomplish your unique retirement goals. HFG looks at retirement in three phases:

Accumulation Phase

In this phase, you are trying to generate a portfolio which will support you in retirement. Our service during this phase focuses on:

- Determining:

  • How much income you will need in retirement
  • How large your portfolio will have to be to achieve your desired income stream in retirement
  • How much you will have to save to reach your goals for retirement
  • If there is a foreseeable need for long term care insurance
  • - Developing a detailed plan to achieve these goals created for your specific situation

    Preparation Phase

    In this phase, you are beginning to plan your entry into retirement. Our service in this phase focuses on:

    - Determining:

  • What sources your retirement income will come from
  • How much your retirement portfolio will be required to generate
  • What risks might “derail” your retirement such as the need for long term care
  • How your portfolio should be changed as you get closer to entering retirement
  • When to take Social Security
  • Retirement Phase

    In this phase, we will concentrate on getting you set up for a comfortable retirement and doing our best to make sure that you don’t run out of resources in your lifetime by focusing on the following:

    - Structuring your cash flow to support you while making it as easy as possible to maintain

    - Determining:

  • How best to handle your pensions and company retirement plans
  • How the portfolio should be structured to give you the income you need but still protect you from the long term effects of inflation
  • No matter the stage you find yourself in, HFG will review your current investments as part of our Retirement Plan Service.

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