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Portfolio Investment Management

At Helmsman Financial Group, LLC (HFG) we approach portfolio management as a collaborative effort between investor and advisor. You provide us with valuable input and HFG, as advisor, provides you with regular market and investment updates as well as informative, easy to understand performance reports.

HFG offers three portfolio management services for managing, monitoring and safeguarding your financial assets. These three services are based on the level of involvement you prefer and the investment vehicles used.

With any of our Portfolio Investment Management programs, HFG acts as your chief financial adviser; intimately familiar with your long term life goals and aspirations, and capable of assisting you with a full spectrum of potential fiscal challenges. Scroll down this page or use the links on the left sidebar to read more about each of our Portfolio Investment Management services.

Portfolio Administrator Service (PAS)

The Portfolio Administrator Services (PAS) is best suited for those who are interested in including various investment products such as no-load mutual funds, ETFs and individual stocks and bonds in their portfolios, and who want to have the final say on any investment decisions.

We develop long term objectives and a target asset allocation program based on valuable input provided by you in person-to-person meetings. Such allocations may include varying levels of Income, Equity and Cash asset classes. Consistent with your overall investment strategy, timeline and risk tolerance, Helmsman Financial Group, LLC (HFG) develops a customized portfolio that uses no-load mutual funds, ETFs and select individual securities. The choice of each investment may be further influenced by your specific tax situation, existing holdings, or other factors specific to your situation. With HFG, one size does not fit all.

As a PAS client, you are contacted for approval when an investment decision is deemed advisable. We provide the portfolio monitoring, research, evaluation and guidance; you make the final decisions. Once the decision is made, HFG processes the trade. PAS clients receive quarterly reporting packages and unlimited access to our team of advisors who are available to meet with you and assist you with any other financial planning issues.Back to Top

Financial Stewardship Program (FSP)

The Financial Stewardship Program (FSP) is similar to the Portfolio Administrator Service (PAS) in its approach, but with one significant difference: FSP is for investors who do not have the time or the interest to be involved with day-to-day buy and sell decisions. In this program, Helmsman Financial Group, LLC (HFG) has full discretionary authority as well as responsibility for all decisions and processes the applicable trades without burdening you, the client, for a final decision. Instead, HFG requests a meeting with you at least quarterly to go over the portfolio reports as well as any financial planning issues you have.Back to Top

Fund Investment Program (FIP)

The Fund Investment Program (FIP) is designed for the investor who is interested in mutual fund and ETF investing only. Through the FIP, Helmsman Financial Group, LLC (HFG) invests your cash in a grouping of selected mutual funds and ETFs developed to reflect the investment objective agreed upon by you and HFG.

HFG monitors both the specific funds in your portfolio as well as your asset allocation and has full discretionary authority and responsibility regarding trade decisions and the processing of applicable trades without burdening you for a final decision. Similar to our Financial Stewardship Program (FSP), HFG will request quarterly meetings to review the portfolio.Back to Top

Program Comparison

Click here to view a side-by-side comparative graphic that showcases the key differences between HFG’s three Portfolio Investment Management programs. Back to Top